Crashing when i choose new game on ffx-2
Hi, my husband and i have download the new pcsx2 0.9.7.
We can play his ffxii game with no trouble. But when we try to play FFX-2 the progam crashes.
It loads as far as the main menu and will open the load game page. But if i click on new game it tries to loads, then goes grey and then crashes.
Can anyone help me?

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can you please post the emulog.txt ?
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sorry to sound dumb but how do i do that? is it the program log that opens with the program?
in your pcsx2 folder there will be a "logs" folder, check for a file called emuLog, open it and copy the text out then paste it in here after you've run the game up to the point it crashes.

If it isnt in there with anything in, itll be in your "My Documents" in the PCSX2 folder located there.
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Thanks for your help but my husband worked out that it was the 'skip MPEG hack' under the game fixes in the emulation settings was activated.
Sorry if I've wasted your time.
Thank you again

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