Create HDD image already exists
Hi guys,

I'm trying to play a game that requires the HDD but when I try to create it, it says ''HDD image "D:\Downloads\PS2\vhdd\DEV9hdd.raw" already exists?

Do you want to overwrite?''

Even though I did not create an image before.

-If I click ''Yes'' itll create an image in under 1 second and Ill have an image (.raw) file in my folder but it wont work in the game. I know creating an HDD is supposed to take a couple minutes.  

-If I click ''No'' and I start looking through my files for an HDD I cannot find it.

So, for some reason, PCSX2 thinks I already have created an HDD image while I havent, and if I overwrite the current existing one (doesnt actually exist) it creates one in 1 second and doesn't work.

Any ideas? 

Thanks alot

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