Creating a new patch file from source code
Hi, first time posting, definitely not my last. I recently started fooling around with the PCSX2 emulator and getting God of War to run, however I find myself hitting road blocks on the way to completing the game.

My most recent issue is working around the crash right after the cutscene of climbing on top of Chronos to reach the Temple of Pandora, where the game will crash if I move more than 2-3 steps, and sometimes right after the cutscene ends. I managed to get Kratos to the nearby save point, but the game will crash right after loading it.

I did some research and tried the Toxic Patcher for my ISO image but it didn't seem to stop the game from crashing at that point, although other users have said it has worked for them.

Today, I found a patch for the issue in the PCSX2 page, which is described below:

"Layer break detection improved -- might fix GoW and Rogue Galaxy layer break
problems; and added a layer break cache so that layer breaks need only be
searched for once. Layer break info is saved to LayerBreakCache.ini.

The old layer break detection method assumed layer1 was never longer than
layer0, but layer1 is in fact the longer layer on aforementioned games."

The patch files they provide consist of two .cpps and a header file, but I know from reading over other patch pages that all patch files are in the .pnach format. How would I go about implementing this raw code into a usable patch for GoW? Thanks in advance.

Also, here is the link to the raw code:

Some more basic info about what was happening:
-Crash still occured regardless of which graphics plugin I was using, or in Software/Hardware modes (been using GSdx 1076m, and 890)
-Error in PS2 Output when the crash occured: "vtlb miss : addr 0x0, mode 1"

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You should just compile the latest revision of the emulator. Follow the wiki guide in the SVN in your link
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Gah, VS2010 suite isn't available anymore as a beta. Tongue

So the only way to implement this fix is to recompile the emulator with it?
Yeah, since it's a code patch actually, not a normal patch you apply on runtime
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I'm still in the process of collecting all the downloads in step 1, but I noticed that downloads for both VS2008 express editions and VS2010 beta have been removed from Microsoft's sites, because of the release of the VS2010 Suite. Will I be able to do the compilations with only VS2008 C++ Express Edition and the other components that are listed installed? I had it installed previously from some classes I've been taking at my college.
I can't make any guarantees but you can try. A lot of dependencies have also been removed since we wrote that wiki so * OpenGL Extension Wrangler (GLEW) and *nVidia's CG Toolkit shouldn't be needed anymore Wink Also the respective steps using the above mentioned can subsequently be skipped
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As long as you don't ask for support on it here, here's a tip:
Google for a recent svn build.
Bah, I give up. Kept getting errors in VS2008, and already had tried some of the beta builds. I was stuck using the earlier graphics plugins because the newer ones were bringing back a problem GSdx 1076m had solved: the background fog/debris clouds were being shown less than 3 feet in front of Kratos as though they were a wall when facing a certain direction, making an impenetrable visual barrier and making the Battle at Athens section unplayable.

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