Crossdrive performance
I have a main drive that has pcsx2 on it, and I have a terabyte drive that I store most all of my media on. Would running games from this drive cause reduced performance?

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Nope. You could also use 10 seconds and try it yourself instead of making a thread Tongue
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While we re on this topic, I want to know, if I were to run PCSX2 off of a usb flash drive, how much performance would I lose. What if it would be a real slow and old flash drive.
Depends on the game. Some games will be like, 2-second-long pauses every few seconds, others will take 2 minutes on the loading screen, then run almost normally. Assuming your flash drive is slower than like 4mb/s, which is what the ps2 dvd drive does.
And my oldish 4gb Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 flash drive does over 12mb/s on sustained reads, which is 3x faster than the ps2.
It really depends... are you running PCSX2 off it alone? If so... there shouldn't be any slowdown since the entire emulator takes up residence in your RAM. If you're running games off of the flash drive as well. If you are, see gigaherz post above mine.
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