Current State of the macOS port?
Hey all. So I know that the state of the native macOS PCSX2 port is basically at a stand still, but  does anyone know where zedr0n went? He was making progress on it and he's since disappeared. I've seen at least two others interested in continuing his work. Where you guys at?


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He's long gone, hasn't logged in since 2013. Sorry Sad
There is some more documentation about the mac port on github.

There was also some attempt by atkau and most of his work was merged. I believe there is not much missing for a mac port to compile and run. But so far only interpreter will be available which means it will run extremely slow. Porting the recompiler seems to be a tough task.
I don't want to discourage anyone. But a wine wrapper is likely as good as a native port. Of course, wine need to fix their d3d compiler. Otherwise the perf should be the same (if not faster due to poor gl drivers , so you get all wine optimization for free)
I guess you're in charge of that now, Shiggitay!
(09-26-2017, 02:58 AM)zomgmike Wrote: I guess you're in charge of that now, Shiggitay!

lol I know this is almost 3 years later, but someone is making awesome progress on getting a 100% native PCSX2 for macOS working here:

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