Custom GSDx Plug-Ins with 1.7.2 nightly Builds
(06-13-2022, 06:31 PM)IPlayWithHex Wrote: I'm doing a blind playthrough of Primal atm. (Thx prafull for the HW mode fixes!)

Setting skip draw to 1, 1 will fix that ghosting issue and clears up the rest of the screen(very noticable improvement!). This does cause a minor graphics glitch whenever Jen and Scree are walking in fog, however. But I haven't noticed any other glitches caused by using skipdraw(yet).

Perhaps I should note that since I turned on manual hw hacks, I enabled the automatic fixes listed in the gameindex manually too.
Those are:
EE Round mode - Nearest
VU Round mode - Negative
VU Clamping mode - None

I hope this helps. Smile

Edit: Off topic but, if you like this game Razjin, I highly recommend trying VtM Bloodlines: (it's 50% off right now!)

And if you're interested in VtMB, you'll want the unofficial patch for it: (Mandatory! Parts of the game are literally broken without it)

Primal and VtMB are completely different games I know, but they have a very similar vibe(to me). I mean seriously, Jen and Scree would fit perfectly into the world of Bloodlines, lol.

Thank you for the fixes regarding EE and VU, strange enough that I can't activate Skipdraw in the graphics section. It's simply grayed out even though I have activated manual hardware fixes. I can enter the menu but I can't adjust the skipdraw...

Thanks a lot for the tip regarding VtmB. I know the game and community patches very well and made several play through with several clans. Malkavians for the win by the way Wink

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Y'know I have yet to do a full playthrough with a Malkavian, I'm ashamed to say! Although I've beaten the first act in Santa Monica as a fem malk multiple times, something always comes along and derails my playthroughs ( a new game comes out or I switch to a new PC ).

Actually, I just reinstalled VtMB and grabbed the lastest unoffical patch... and promptly started a new game in Farscape, The Game, lol. I get distracted sooo easily Tongue2

Back on topic:
About skipdraw being grayed out: I don't think you can set it per-game manualy yet. 

If you what to set the skipdraw fix for Primal in a per-game config in QT builds, here's what you must do: 

First thing is to set skipdraw globally to 1, 1 then exit PCSX2.

Then, navigate to your pcsx2 install folder and open the inis folder and then open PCSX2.ini, Crtl + F and search for and copy the TWO skipdraw lines(start and end).

Next, open the gamesettings folder and then open SCUS-97142_FCD89DC3.ini (this is the settings file name for the US version of Primal) Under the [EmuCore/GS] section paste the skipdraw settings from the main pcsx2.ini file and save and close it.

Optional, change both skipdraw lines in the main PCSX2.ini file back to 0 (or do the equivalent in the global menu in the emulator)

Whew! Hope this helps! Smile
I don't know why you people are getting ghosting in primal because I am not getting it and using skip draw isn't recommended anyway.
(06-14-2022, 10:25 AM)prafull Wrote: I don't know why you people are getting ghosting in primal because I am not getting it and using skip draw isn't recommended anyway.

After testing skipdraw (thanks for the tip on trying the global settings!) and running the game on original hardware once again I think you are right. It isn't ghosting. It's the depth of field like fogging effect of the original game. It isn't that present when running the game on low resolution or basically on original hw but is even more present when everything else scaled up to the top. skipdraw 1 looks better for the modern eye as it seems to remoce the dof effect completely but i think i will stick to the more blurry and uncanny dof effect for the time being Wink

A huge THANK YOU to all for helping me out and espacially to prafull for taking the time and effort to provide all the great patches!!!
@ prafull
Well I don't know what term to use besides ghosting because that's exactly what it looks like. It's a ghosting effect caused by the broken(I think) dof effect.

Whenever you are far enough away from a wall, object, ect, for the dof effect to kick in, Jen will will have a vertical ghosting effect whenever you look that way -- if you pan the camera down towards the ground or at a wall or object close enough not to have a dof effect applied, Jen's ghosting disappears.

Also, distant objects are clearly being 'doubled' not blurred. That combined with the fact it causes Jen to ghost is why I think the dof effect is broken.

And yes, this as happens in both sw and native too, it's just harder to see because of the low resolution.

If this is 'normal' behavior for the dof effect in this game then so be it. It just doesn't seem right to me.

I downloaded cheat engine a few days ago but I don't really know how to use it yet. I'd like to figure out how to make a proper patch that removes the dof effect but I don't know what I doing, haha.

Anyway, it's not a big deal and I'm kool with using skipdraw.
(06-10-2022, 07:55 AM)prafull Wrote: Move these files to your cheats folder and enable cheats. The game will now work in HW mode.

Thank you!
But there is one more broken version - Primal [SCES 51685].
Can it be fixed somehow?

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