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Custom Shaders for GSdx
By default i toggle between 4 effects by pressing f7 ingame.
But if i want more effect :
GSdx FX by Asmodean
This is a collection of shaders included in GSdx.fx file. It's also associated with a configuration file GSdx_FX_Settings.ini that can be modified by the user.
More information and downloads can be found here
Current effects include:
Bilinear Texture Filtering
Bicubic Texture Filtering
Gaussian Texture Filtering
Bicubic Scaling
Lanzcos Scaling
Blended Bloom
Scene Tonemapping
Gamma Correction
Texture Unsharp Mask
Pixel Vibrance
Local Contrast Enhancement
Colour Grading
PX Cel Shading
Scanline Emulation
Subpixel Dithering
Px Border (MSAA Workaround)
Asmodean: "You can enable, or disable each effect, from inside the shader settings file. Everything is customizable. Settings are clearly sectioned, and labeled

But i dont know how can toggle between them or i should modifie settig file with 1 and 0 !?!?

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You modify teh settings file with 0 (off) and 1 (on) no the comments (//) after each toggle, it explains what they are.
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I'll try! Thank you
Yes, that's right!
There is no toggle between these external effects.
We should activate or deactivate each one with 1 or 0 in the the ini file.
Here it advice us how can we activate each effect.

Thank you guys.

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.rar   Advanced Cartoon shader 2015 WiP upgrade 1.rar (Size: 1,64 KB / Downloads: 538)
.7z   Dolphin Shaders.7z (Size: 35,22 KB / Downloads: 470)
.zip (Size: 19,05 KB / Downloads: 387)
.rar   PCSX2Fx + BumpMapping.rar (Size: 15,88 KB / Downloads: 655)
.rar   PsxFX + 5xBR 4.0 level2.rar (Size: 19,54 KB / Downloads: 485)
.7z   PS1 and PS2 shader collection5d.7z (Size: 2,89 MB / Downloads: 1.096)
(11-02-2013, 09:18 PM)Asmodean Wrote: Ok, so I've changed a few things around, and managed to get the output via layout qualifier to actually output correctly. So I'm not using gl_FragData[] anymore. I've also tidied up the code, and removed excess unused functions etc which may be disrupting the AMD compiler. And for testing sake I've lowered the GL version to 3.30 compatibility.

So If you want to give it another go, and report back what the compiler says, use the version I've attached below.

I'd also really like to hear from anyone with an Nvidia card, on how it goes for them (OGL 3.0+/GTX 200 series+).

EDIT: I'd also like to hear, if anyone has any suggestions on a good spot to have this released for testing. I did initially mean not to release this, but it would be a bit of a shame now, considering the effort I've put into it, doubt many bother with psx emu stuff anymore though.
Not much other activity in this thread, but sorry I'm spamming it with OT PSX stuff Tongue

Updated with finished test code. Added CRT emulation, improved light attenuation, updated & optimized most other effects.
Do you plan to ever update this great PSX shader?
Current version has bugs, any update to it would be fantastic it's still the best PS1 shader.
Is there anyway to just limit the shader to the 2D parts of the screen (parts in red squares), I think upscaling does a decent job on its own for the rest of the screen and Ive scoured the shaders looking for a way to just smooth the circles primarily. Cel shading kind of does it, but I dont like the effect on the rest of the screen

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Hello !
Is there a way to make sprite based games such as the early King of Fighters look like they are using hqx4 in PCSX2, with the current shaders included in the GSdx.fx file?
I'm using PCSX2 1.4.0 .
how add xBRZ in GSdx.fx shader?
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(01-26-2016, 05:09 AM)mpsbr Wrote: Hello !
Is there a way to make sprite based games such as the early King of Fighters look like they are using hqx4 in PCSX2, with the current shaders included in the GSdx.fx file?
I'm using PCSX2 1.4.0 .

xBR can't be added due to GSDX's post-processing  not being advanced enough to support upscaling shaders. xBRZ scaler could be done because it's a pixel filter using software rendering but someone has to do it first.

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