Custom res VS multiplier and GPU "stoppages"
So I usually use 3x res because thats what people usually recomend and seems to work without downgrading performance on any game I play (with GTX 560ti).

Yesterday though I decided to try custom res of 1920*1080 and I can see subtle increase in resolution detail which ofcourse I find more enjoyable but I have heard custom res can cause some problems.

Something I experienced while playing SotC at custom res was that the screen sort of "wrapped" or squuezed vertically for a brief fraction of a second. This was on PCSX2 1.2.1 version with very minimal speedhacks and only two hack/fixes enabled (agressive CRC and half pixel offset ?). I dont know if this happens with resolution multiplier or is some sort of problem caused by the new version because when I started playing SotC in hard mode I switched from 1.1.0 to 1.2.1 (due to save states/incompatibility) and also decided to mess around with the GSDX resolution settings.

So is it something caused by the new version or is this a side effect caused by custom resolution ?

Theres also a new problem that I have encountered a couple of times with the new PCSX2 version that I cant recall ever experiencing in the older versions.

If I switch between software mode and hardware mode by using F9 OR like I just yesterday discovered, switch between full screen and windowed (by double clicking) the screen sometimes goes completely black and doesnt go to the mode Im trying to enable. I can get back to the last mode by pressing F9/Double clicking again but then my GPU stops responding for 2 seconds. This shows up in MSI afterburner as a drop in GPU usage and minimum fan speed and then returning to normal (Im using custom fan accelration/cooling thingy but havent done any overclocking).

If I wait during the black screen for 5-10 seconds and/or press something, windows says that PCSX2 *insert build number Rxxxx here* has stopped working. During this message and the black screen my GPU fanspeed and usage are at minimum and once I close the message/program my fan starts again blowing like crazy until temps are low enough.
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Let's put this way, custom resolution cause problems only if it causes problems Smile

Sometimes it can resolve upscale problems even, seriously. So if noticing some kind of artifacts, like vertical/horizontal lines and such, try different resolutions, not granted but it could at least diminish the problem.

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Sorry I can't tell much about the specific problem, I don't have the game and can't make comparisons. Possibly is a glitch introduced in the newer version simply. Good you reported it.

Edit: I mean, when people told you custom resolution to cause problem was meant only it could introduce upscale errors, not to affect the game or the machine in any way.

If something could cause real or permanent issue would be abusing the hardware, like overcharging the GPU and causing overheat (just example and knowing is not common) and this could come easier from a 6x+ upscale than from a more conservative custom resolution.
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@ first topic-it varies from game to game. if it has problems in upscaling then custom res works better and vise versa.
@second topic- i faced the same problem. The emulator only shows a black screen and gpu load decreases. just as nosisab said above it might be a glitch. maybe a dev will be able to tell us more.
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