Custom textures take too long to load
I'm making a texture pack for a game, but some texture replacements don't work because the textures take upwards of 10 seconds to load in.  Disabling Async Texture Loading only makes this worse.  It's running on an SSD with an Intel Core i9-10900K and an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super, why is it taking so long to load them?  They're teensy in filesize too, only a few kilobytes each, all of these custom textures should load instantly, not 10 seconds, heck it shouldn't even be anything other than instant.  All this texture work for nothing.

Edit: I should mention that it takes 10 seconds EACH TIME new textures are loaded. So if you load a level, you have to wait 10 seconds for the textures to load in, and then if you turn the camera to the right you have to wait another 10 seconds for them to load in. Precache Textures doesn't make a difference when enabled or disabled. Honestly this texture dumping/loading feature is incredibly incomplete and custom builds have implemented this perfectly and with none of these issues, months before it reached master branch. This feature should not have been released in its current state. Rexis build has this issue fixed, loads textures instantly, and dumps/loads textures with correct alpha for all games with no issues whatsoever. But master can't.... because reasons.

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'because reasons'?

When I said that in the other post I referring to why you couldn't delete your own posts, and explained that 'deleted' posts don't actually get 'deleted' anyway(or so I read) -- as that was last thing you mentioned in that post I didn't quote that specific part bc I thought It would obvious what I was referring to...
No not that. I'm talking about the texture loader. Why was it released in such an incomplete state? Both the Topaz custom build and the Rexis custom build dump textures with corrected alpha as well as load them for all games with no issues. They also instantly load custom textures with no delay whatsoever, regardless of whether the textures are 2 KB or 100 MB. PCSX2 dumps textures with hardware-accurate but hard-to-edit alpha because dumping them with corrected alpha "might break some games" despite it not breaking any games when using Topaz or Rexis. I'd like to hear the technical reason behind why textures taking so incredibly long to load is hardware-accurate and won't be changing because it's "not compatible with some games" or something.
I knew what you're talking about. It's in the title of the thread.
Edit: The reason why I made clarification above was bc you where reusing my words in a mocking manner....

I won't pretend to know to the technical reasons of anything so I can't comment on that.
I didn't know you used those words, whoops. I guess I just unconciously remembered seeing it somewhere and thinking it was a good turn of phrase.

Anyways, it seems that after loading a few times, the textures cache themselves and start to load faster. Still not instant though, that's my main gripe.
It's all good! Smile

Hopefully it'll mature as it goes along. Are the long texture loads an issue with multiple games? Which ones?

I've only tried texture packs for Suikoden 4 and 5 myself, and I definitely don't see a 10 second delay in texture loading so *maybe* it's an issue that specific to that game(and whatever issue it is may not be an issue in those other builds bc they altered the way texture import/export works.... <-- just guessing here...)

Edit: If the textures are really large it could the issue also. I believe the textures I've used have only been ~1k res.
No game I've tried this feature with works how it's supposed to. This one game actually toggles the option off automatically during its loading screens. Another one - I'm having trouble with now - doesn't load the custom textures in time to see them. Also I just got confirmation from a Rexis custom build user that yes, Rexis build loads all textures instantly, and only needs to load them once, not every single time the game calls them.

Edit: I should mention a few things.

1. The textures are very very small, usually 1 MB or smaller. This shouldn't matter though as the Rexis build is able to load a 5 GB texture pack filled with 100 MB+ textures instantly, no delay at all. This is clearly the feature just not being implemented properly. Someone should reach out to Rexis at this point.

2. All games do this, no exception.

3. A lot of the textures do load somewhat quickly, however what I've observed is that if PCSX2 sees that it can't load a texture in time, it won't even try.

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