D-PAD and Left Analog = same?
new to pcsx2, everything good in setup running mgs3 subsistence.

Two Problems
1- on controller options the program seems to treat D-pad and left analog stick as one. 2- i could do without D-pad if analog sensitivity allowed me to "walk\run" but its sensitivity makes "walk" almost impossible (tried messing with "sensitivity"+"dead zone" and just no combination really works). D-pad is only "walk" mode hence it would fix this.

im using a thrust master dual analog3
PCSX2 0.9.8

PS: also doesnt seem to be possible to binding pressing down analogs.


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thats not the plugin, its your pad itself. read the manual.
well i installed thrustmaster "calbration tool, and driver". none are useful except showing it does recognize the analog press down button(pic), but in the pcsx2 settings nowhere i see allowing to configure those buttons(pic).


so is it the Pad's fault for D-pad=left analog? if so bad luck for me ;|

and the press analog button? seems fault lies on pcsx2


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