D1 Grand Prix black screen
I really have no Idea why my last thread got closed... I dont understand.

Saiki I have tried the EE timing hack also and it didnt work either...

I have a feeling that this game just doesn't work or maybe the iso is faulty... and why do I have a warning level of 33% Wacko what did I do wrong?
Oh wait - I think I know... I am sorry Rama - I will never mention that again... I am not used to forums and the stuff that is allowed and isn't...
Extremely sorry but a warning level of 33% Sad its like critical feedback on ebay - izze not nice bro Sad

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probably because of this:

Quote:Edit::: I finally found the english version (If I am correct) Am downloading it in 6 parts from 2 different websites...

As the last thread said we don't support piracy, please read our rules and don't open any more threads about it.

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Now THAT "izze not nice bro Sad"

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