D1 Grand Prix need help Please everybody
Hello there peeps,

I have always been a fan of Pcsx2 and I just wanted to thank the people for making this.

However I have searched and logged on here (this is my first official visit on the forums) because I have a big problem.

I have a big wish and that is that I need help regarding D1 Grand Prix (Japanese version) (Sadly I dont have the ENG version cant find it anymore).

Everything works till I start a race - then this happens : [Image: omgwhyisthishappeningto.png]

Please can anybody help me? Sorry if I am being totally stupid...

I am running a Dual Core 2.80ghz with Nvidia 9800GT

All help will be much appreciated ( Yes I am a noob but I did search my bawlz off Wink )

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People please... is it a stupid question or is it a game that just doesn't work? Sad I am sad... this is the only game I want right now - SOOO BADLY!
pcsx2 version? settings?
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Pcsx2: Always Latest
and how can you not find the english version?
Saiki: That doesn't matter at all, does it?

Blood-Wolf: Use GSdx instead of ZeroGS.
Thanks all! will try right now... Like I said I am a frikkin noob but seriously you wont hear me ever again after this Laugh If I get it working hahaha...

I thought the Jap version is maybe different from the Eng version... but I dont know for sure about that.

Trying the GSdx as we speak...

I am running the 096 version as I cant seem to get the beta to work.

K tried them all - nothing works... whats also weird is that witht he print screen above - when I gas the car in the black screen you hear it and the acceleration works but I dont even have the feeling the car is there...

whoever fixes this is like the God of PS2 games and the Emu cuz I sure as poop CANNOT get it to work Sad - for years ive been wanting this... now finally I have a good pc with dual core and the 9800gt and thought it was gonna work but nope Sad I mailed sony back in the day as well that they should release this on Backward compatibility for the ps3 but to no avail Sad
get the beta installer, update your DirectX and play with the settings for pcsx2. It's usually something simple. and do use GSdx, not zerogs, zerpoGS has many many flaws and most don't work on it well, if at all
K thanks - will try that... will get back on it as soon as I have results or not Tongue
Ok where do I update the DirectX and to what do I update it to?

Do I update it in the program? Or do I normal update it outside of the program? Like just surf to directx website...
the directX website, yes

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