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I have 2 specific issues that are bugging me a bit.

My dialogue Options, seen here:

[Image: screenshot_zps18330d9e.png]

What you see are the two options. "Accept Mission" then a space, and "Leave".

What you are not seeing is that there should be a second option in the middle that flickers in for half a second and then disappears. This occurs for dialogue options, and even worse for actual dialogue subtitles. If I'm lucky, there will be 3 lines of subtitles, and only the first one is flickering in for 1/4 a second and disappearing again.

If I'm unlucky, I see the intsertion point of the subtitles running across the screen as the words are SUPPOSED to appear, but hte subtitles do not, its just a running white insertion point.

Or, the entire block of subtitles don't appear at all, or are appearing and disappearing over the course of seconds that the actors talk. It's all rather annoying.

Texture flickering/popping issue.
I have two screenies. The bench looks different in each, and that is because static objects like trees, telephone poles, buildings, and benches seem to not be rendering textures well, and it is quite annoying.

The objects flicker between separate textures as you walk around them, and the wiki I find on this game on PCSX2 site says that Skipdraw 5 should fix this issue. I do not see it fixing anything other than flames showing up as black splotches of anti-color if such a thing exists.

I would use skipdraw: 5. But my dialogue options and subtitles not showing up was a result of my HW Hack being set to five in the second options menu, so it being set to 5 messes with subtitles and displaying dialogue options. I have to set Skipdraw to 3 to be able to know what Krypto is about to be told what to say while in conversations.

If you set Skipdraw to 3 instead of 5, the dialogue works correctly. But the Saucer's flames coming from the rockets can no longer be rendered adn appear as pixelated black/purple/everything and horizontal splotches of blockey-ness.

At the moment I have to choose between non-annoying flames, or being able to use conversation choices. Skipdraw: 5 is not fixing my textures afaik.

So, I'm not sure how to get the emulator to display static objects with just hteir intended textures.


[Image: 0001_zps1a8f720e.png]

[Image: 0002_zpsccf0fd76.png]

I think that is all. Smile


If you set Skipdraw to 3 instead of 5, the dialogue works correctly.

I'm hoping someone can help me see if there is a setting or trick I can use to be able to see dialogue, and not have texture popping issues, and texture rendering issues.

I have attempted to have Skipdraw set to 3 and used F9 to switch to Software mode to try to fix textures. It has fixed the textures, but now my game is running slower as before.

I will attempt to set Skipdraw to 5, and not hit F9 to switch back to hardware mode, and hopefully my game will run better. I will update from this post to affirm or deny changes.

Not much change. If I toggle F9 at all to the other setting, it makes the game too CPU intensive or whatever, and makes it slow. Though everything looks better, it does not run as well.

I'm dumb I think. I have a quad core processor, and I had Software Mode's "Extra Rendering Processors" set to 0. Thats why my Software mode was so slow. ._. I needed to set my extra processing cores setting to 3 so it could utilize 3 cores and have one free. Now my software mode is running like it should.

So yeah, my solution would likely have been to learn about these settings beforehand, but I like to just dive into things. I'm a bit rash and compulsive. Tongue2

I might keep this thread open because I haven't tested dialogue yet, but my graphics seem to be right now, and its not slow. I just need to know my dialogue and subtitles will display.

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In software mode everything looks nice?

skipdraw shouldn't do anything in software mode (F9). It's an hardware hack. (is it 'an' or 'a'?)

But everything works in software mode fine or are there still problems? (Except for lags/slowness)

It is quite hard to follow your changes. Maybe you make a new post each time you have new informations or answer to questions.
The problem was obviously not present in the wiki-entry. You can try to use the same version (or just pcsx1 1.0) to check if the problem is gone. If it is gone post this again as proper bug report. If not we ha ve to find your specific setting that is causing this malfunction.
what is wierd is that I can go and manually set my game to hardware mode and then hit F9 and it changes to software mode, yet my settings in the dialogue menu still say its on hardware mode.

Regarding my issues and somewhat interesting concerns:

When I put my game in software mode I would forget (or not notice the setting) to set how many cores to be utilized by software mode. Once I set that to three instead of 0, my game runs great in Software mode.

If it is in Hardware mode, I have to have Skipdraw set to 5, my dialogue options and subtitles do not show correctly. Subtitles do not have that blue box around them, and lines of dialogue will be missing it seems like.

However, if I set skipdraw (in hardware mode) to 3, the dialoge issues are fixed entirely, but then I have texture popping issues, which the wiki states is solveable by setting skipdraw to 5 specifically. It does not seem to be known of the possibily of a glitch like the one shown above regarding "Skipdraw: 5" as a setting.

These issues do not occur in Software mode.

I don't know if that has anything to do with my cup being an Intell I5. However, while learning all this, I learned I was using a GSdx pluggin (SSE3 I think) that was incompatible with Intel i5 family of CPUs. I had to use SSE2 or SSE 4.1. I have not checked hardware mode since, but I could find out and see if that was my issue. (actually quite likely)
i5 processors can use all flavors of GSdx (SSE2,SSSE3,SSE4.1...), you just get more speed from using the higher ones. Skipdraw is pretty normal to cause issues like the ones you describe so it's pretty simple, there is no way to run the game bug free in HW mode so you're stuck with SW.
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