Hello, i have a problem while playing dbz bt 3 on pcsx2, when the two special attacks collide, the player who rotates the Left Analog Stick the fastest wins. After configuring it properly in lilypad,(also tried twinpad, ssspsx),when the beams collide, i tried as fast as possible but its useless the left stick does not work.

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Please Help!!!!
You trying to play from keyboard?

Gamepad works for sure, twinpad's "COMBO" feature should help for keyboard, you could also try setting the analog axis to your mouse.
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shows us your settings in SSXpad and lilypad.
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Ah! Yes, i tried playing from Keyboard.

Left analog Stick - Keyboard
L-Stick Up - Num 5
L-Stick Down - Num 2
L-Stick Right - Num 1
L-Stick Left - Num3

Rest All Settings are Default

Left Analog Stick - Mouse - Sad Doesn't work at all.
L-Stick Up - Y Axis -
L-Stick Down - Y Axis +
L-Stick Right - X Axis +
L-Stick Left - X Axis -

*Mouse doesn't work at all, even moving the characters with the left analog stick doesn't work
**Mouse API Configuration in Lilypad
Windows Messaging [reccommened] - ON
Start Without mouse focus -off
Always hide cursor - off
Advanced -Allow Binding Multiple PS2 Controls to PC Controls - OFF
PAD Settings - PAD1 - 25 Bindings (No Multitap)
Use Analog Mode whenever possible - OFF

I couldn't attach here for some reasons.
Try changing the mouse apis and enabling/disabling the other mouse options as well as the "monitor when in background" option.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Thanks, it worked

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