DBZ BT 3 PCSX2 problems
iahve a problem running BT 3. I downloaded the game (about 20 parts in .zip) put them all in one fiolder and extrated them. Afterwards I opened targetfolder and extrated the .rar file. Now, I have an ISO Image. I mounted the ISO with MagicDisc and opened the IRX folder, I extrated a CD Image from the ISO file in the IRX folder. I used this CD Image to play with (nothings happens)

I did this, because a guide told me that I should do it that way (google told me so ^.^)

Now everytime I try to run the game, PCSX2 tells me that he failed loading MemoryCard Fil1 01 and 02 and shows this in my Output (Unbenannt2)    

First the Game seems to start, but nothing happens, the Screen does not change. Here is my config (Unbenannt)     .Everytime I test my Plugins, it tells me Success, but i can´t play Sad

Don´t know what to do. SadSad
Every guide i know tells me that i should do it like that, but it never works...
Sry two times the same pic, the one at toe bottom shows the config

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Quote:I downloaded the game

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
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