DBZ-BT3 on my PC! Need Plugins!
Hello. I have my retail dbz disk and i did convert it to iso on my pc. Extracted the bios from my console and now i need plugins. I want to play the game on my pc because my tv is not working anymore. Here is my PC configuration:
Video card: GeForce GTX 550ti
CPU: intel i5 2440 3.10ghz
RAM: 8gb hyper x kingston 2x4gb
Windows 7 ultimate
MB: Asus Maximus gene-z

i need the best plugins that i can put together to give me best 16:9 graphics and best sound for my game to run without any problems with sound cuts and graphics..
if not a big problem for you people to tell me what should i check and uncheck in each configuration of plug-ins and other tabs of PCSX2 for my game to work without any problems OR at least some not so big Tongue
Thanks in advance!

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i found a good gsdx file but there still a small bug while in game like there is a green wall kinda bit visible on ground to the other side of the map if u know what i mean...its not that big of a problem but would be nice to fade it...
is there anyway this game can be played at a bit sharper resolution ? 16:9 it is but a bit squarey...
Use any fairy new svn version of gsdx(included in pcsx2 svn versions from official download) and the game should have no problems with graphics. Sharper? Increase gsdx internal res in it's config;]. Square? Set 16:9 or stretch in emulation settings>GS window. If you dislike stretched ratio by doing soo, you can also check my pnach files with cheats and patches for this game in here it has newly added widescreen hack restoring proper proportions for full screen 16:9.
thank you.
im gonna get down to business right now... i will post the final result here once im finished
wow its perfect...thanks alot Laugh

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