DBZ Budokai 3 Problem?
I have:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz
8GB of DDR3 Ram
Evga 250 GTS 1GB of DDR3 Ram

I play the game at 45-55 fps, what is wrong with my specs?

I have turned all speed hacks to high, I use native resolution, and have tried both DX9 and 10. What should I set my configurations to increase my performance even more and would getting the PAL game help?

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You cpu is slow for PCSX2, maybe search for other DBZ threads for tips on get it go work better.

Show us your pcsx2 settings and plugin settings if anything so we can help.
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It might be a little hard to run at full speeds on that spec. I have a 2.8 and had to use some speed hacks to achieve full speed. Also try using a lower Resolution, game may look worse, but will be faster. avoid using the vu stealer, because it makes it go really slow.
even ur doesn't clock to 3.0ghz,ur proc already lost to stock amd 3.0.

just overclock to 6ghz.that will satify ur
i have DC at 2.0 and it works great but i play it on low res
I went to guide and turned every setting so it will play faster, even turned off the sound.

The only thing I didn't turn on was frame skip/vu skip, I limited the frames.

I tried the PAL game and it works better and when I turn the internal res. to 1920x1080 the performance only drops like 2-3fps.
(12-31-2009, 02:38 PM)rama Wrote: ur

im doing fine with x2 7750 with 3.5ghz even know some game cannot been playable...well im deserve it if that game cannot be played.not to much complain.
Try atleast OC'ing to 3.0Ghz m8, that should help get atleast 10 more fps outta the game. Also, when you use DX10, make sure it's set to (Hardware) to pull of your gpu more than your cpu. (that is, if you're using gsdx plugin)

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