DBZ Budokai 3 Textures Issue (macOS 1.7 Dev 2022-04-10)
Hi, I hope I provide enough information on this (as I am new here haha).

Essentially, when playing DBZ Budokai 3, using the Metal renderer, the skin-textures all come out as plain-white. This issue may replicate in other areas, but I have not played into the game far enough to test this.

(Note, this issue does not seem to exist with Piccolo, as shown in the screenshot, and I am unsure how darker skinned character such as Uub would come out)

I read somewhere that I should provide a gs dump? so I have done so below. 

I hope this suffices, and nonetheless it must be said this Mac build has been a game changer so thank you Tellowkrinkle and any other contributors!

Warmest regards,

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.xz   gs_DragonBall Z - Budokai 3 - Bad Texture.gs.xz (Size: 1,43 MB / Downloads: 235)

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Hi, I was wondering as I have exactly the same issue with white skin textures if you found a way to fix this?
one quick fix i found was switching the graphics renderer to Vulkan (incase ur using metal).

the trade-off i've researched is that metal is better performing

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