DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Black Flashing (yeah,i tried searching)
hi,i got a graphic problem while playing DBZ BT 3
i just got today the last PCSX2 version and i have GSDX 1873 SSSE3 0.1.15
the FPS is OK,but the screen is turning black and normal again about 3 times per second (if screenshots or videos are needed i can provide them)

my gaming rig can support it (i think)
Q6600 Quad Core 2.4GHz (motherboard won't let me overclock it and also cooler won't let me either)
4GB of Ram
Nvidia GEforce 9800GT
latest drivers for all of these

can anyone help me if someone also had this problem?
(sorry for writing mistakes)

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if it's the PAL version, it will flicker on GSDX 1650 and newer (I haven't tried using older ones, though.). ZeroGS doesn't flicker, but it's slow and has lots of graphics corruption.

The NTSC version (at least, the disc I have, I don't know if other copies work fine) doesn't have this problem (it has other problems, like flickering in some of the FMVs when using dx9 mode, and missing polygons, most noticeable is in some of the character's crotches.).
[Image: 813647.png]
+ geforce GT 440 @ Win7 64bit
use software mod in gsdx and put it to 3 threads
(10-15-2009, 02:02 PM)coder_fx Wrote: use software mod in gsdx and put it to 3 threads

I tried this. Fixes ALL of the graphical glitches and I can finally see the crotches. (but the game ran hella slow, of course.)
[Image: 813647.png]
+ geforce GT 440 @ Win7 64bit
becouse ,you have 2 cores 1 for pcsx2, and 1 for gsdx, but since he had 4 cores, it would run better than yours (about 3x since 2 editional cores ) .
I see. I thought it means I use 1 core for pcsx2 and gsdx, and another core to render the crotches. I figured Broly crotch must take up a lot of processor cycles.
[Image: 813647.png]
+ geforce GT 440 @ Win7 64bit
yep, note i like dbz budokai tenkaich 2 it run perfectly with very good characters in it like broly legendary super saiyn Tongue2
(10-15-2009, 02:02 PM)coder_fx Wrote: use software mod in gsdx and put it to 3 threads

i tried that,resolves graphic problem but i get about 20 FPS,i will get the NTSC disc from my friend and try with that,i will edit this post afterwards

edit: well my friend told me his version is also PAL,so is there any way i can convert it to NTSC?
Try ZZogl ;-). Maybe it will be faster.
(10-15-2009, 10:44 PM)Zeydlitz Wrote: Try ZZogl ;-). Maybe it will be faster.

i downloaded everything in the SVN,but how do i use it?i put all files in the PCSX2 directory and also all files in the plugins directory,but i cant find them when i try to configure PCSX,i find 2 ZeroGS 0.97.1,but i tried before downloading ZZogl it,the black flickering was gone but the game had about 10-15 FPS

made it work with ZZogl,but i get 8FPS with recomanded settings,if someone has an idea of what setting are needed please tell me

edit2: i actually found out something that helped,i use GSDX 0.1.3,the black flashes disappeared,the speed is 40FPS almost all the time (80%) gamespeed,witch could actually help me out with the game.i will sill search better version witch will also bring up the gamespeed

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