DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3: Motion blur / ghosting: what setting to fix this?

I'm running PCSX2 version 1.2.1 with the default plugins (well... SSE41 instead of SSE2 for GSdx). Settings are mostly the default, notable exceptions: Direct 3D 11 (Hardware), 4x Native for scaling (the only setting that reduced the problem. 6x had no noticable difference though), FXAA enabled (changed nothing AFAIK), MTVU enabled in the emulation settings (didn't change the graphics).

In the mentioned game there's a very noticable motion blur / ghosting present when moving (it's normal when standing still, or when only going up or down). The whole area's unaffected (but characters, health bars etcetera are not). This is clearly unintended: I watched some videos to make certain, and I didn't notice any blurring there: a world of difference.

Any setting to change this? Here's a pic for reference of what I'm talking about (besides the very noticable blur, look at the mountain range for instance to see an example of ghosting): http://i.imgur.com/fbvu6Hm.jpg

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