DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 fixing HP/KI bar lines?
Hello, Im new.

I just decided to register because I always wanted to fix this issue.
Im playing the game for over the year over the PCSX2 emulator.
I already used a lot of versions like 1.2.1 or the latest 1.3 SVN build.
I was never really able to fix this problems and I actually think I tried EVERY setting of the emulator ingame. Hacks, other graphic options and so on. I actually use some hacks and other things but even using default settings or any other doesnt fix the problem. I think im actually using the best settings for the game, at least in my opinion after all those playing around with the settings. Seems to be another problem. Or maybe its simply not fixable. I made a picture of the actual problem.
Should explain everything. I try to fix the "lines" on the HP and KI Bar.


Anyone may know a fix?
Would be nice providing me with a fix and maybe instructions.


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Are these lines observable using native resolution?
Yeah, they are.
I tried this too already.
Beside of that native res looks horrible, they are also noticeable in it.
And software mode doesn't fix them?

I would have guessed that this is an upscaling issue...
I tried Software mode and no, it doesnt fix it.
And it runs slow like 5fps :'D.
In Hardware mode I had like 200FPS.
Im using D3D11 Hardware mode btw.
You can check DX9(Hardware) or OGL but I guess you already did that...

According to this thread the problems you observe are upscaling issues. Are you sure that you really selected native internal resolution in hardware mode? Unfortunately I don't have that game and can not test it.
Yeah I did.
Using Native doesnt fix the problem and using 2,3,4,5,6x native doesnt fix it either.
You can check what miseru posted:

Quote:From what I now checked, using native multiply and Wild Arms offset (hardware hack in GSdx config) at half(colored) can also fix that other glitch, but it'll generate new ones around some text and numbers(like for example a combo counter), and soo I wouldn't recommend using it.

Maybe these settings are more satisfying for you. Unfortunately such wrong single pixel-width lines are a bit hard to solve. So if this doesn't solve your problem I would not expect to find a solution. Especially if you already played a bit with the settings.

The only thing I would still test is skipdraw which was introduced quite late... Maybe a number of 1-10 solves the issue.
Well, if it creates other problems I wont use it.
Actually this is the only problem I noticed in the game anyway so we can say that it runs perfect with PCSX2.

I could try using this Skipdraw thing.
But tomorrow. Im heading to my bed now.
Thanks for the help.
Well I couldn't help a lot. Always good to see some fellows from Germany around Wink

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