DBZ Tenkaichi 3
hi i`ve just downloaded the new emulator version 0.9.5 and i`ve got a problem. The thing is that i couldn`t make it run in the previous version (though i just tried 2 games "tenchu 3" y "Dbz: sagas" and both ran quite slow - really slow).
i downloaded tenkaichi 3 (an iso) and ran it on 0.9.5 and nothing happened. i checked the configuration and nothing. Then i changen the CDVD driver/plugin. All i proved didn`t work (it seemed that it would run the game and the emulator closed it self). Then i proved CDVD null driver 0.6.0 and it opened well the "play station introduccion scene" by 5 or 6 secs (aprox) then it closed it self.
And now with the newest version, i configured everything and while i tried to run the game and the emu asked me to actualize the direct. I read the FAQ and downloaded the file. I ejecuted it, reboot the pc, tried the game and the program still ask for actualize it!.
My computer has:

2gb Ram
5000+ amd
512 Ram (Nvidia 8600 GT)

Hope you`ll can help me.
Ta luego! (bye)

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