DBZB3 on specs
Would these specs be able to run Dragonball Z Budokai 3 at full speed/

Intel Pentium Dual-core E2200 2.20Ghz

9500 GT 1GB DDR2

2GB of RAM clocked at 677Mhz

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Yes, depending on your graphics settings I don't see why not.

Make sure you have the NTSC version of this game, PAL/Multi5 still suffer some graphical issues (flickering) as of build 1474.
I've VIsta, would that effect anything?
Well, Vista itself is using up an easy 1~1.5gb of that precious RAM of yours, so yes. Other than Vista being a resource hog and your computer not being so great, Vista and DirectX 10 w/ GSDX will run PCSX2 perfectly. I'd suggest trying out the latest build of the Windows 7 RC, which runs PCSX2 equally or better than Vista while using significantly less resources.
I've significant problems on Games for Windows which usually say I've recommended settings but in the end it does not play properly even on the lowest settings, would similar things happen to the emulator?

My 9500 GT has DDR2 Ram, is that ok?
It's possible. Again, while your computer might meet the recommended requirements for a game, not all of those resources are being allocated to your games. This is especially so if you've got any programs running in the background while playing, however, Windows Vista itself is using a significant portion of system resources and your dual core 2.2ghz and 2gb RAM @ 667 aren't exactly the multitasking tag team champions of computing. If you have a nice clean build of Vista with the most up to date drivers and DirectX, PCSX2 will still run for you. Windows 7 would be better, but Vista will do. Either way you'll probably have to use native resolution, VU Cycle Stealing and 2x Cycle Rate to acquire full speed games. For resource intense games like Zone of the Enders 2 or Shadow of the Colossus you're ***** out of luck.
I used VU Cycle Stealing and 2x Cycle Rate and DBZ Budokai 3 woudn't run at full speed, it only runs 15-20fps in game, but in menu's it runs 40-60fps.
Are you on Native resolution in GSDX? Have you turned on all the EE speed hacks? Close any running applications, update your graphics drivers and seriously, I'm not joshing you, consider upgrading to Windows 7. A clean install of Windows would probably help and the Windows 7 RC is good until mid 2010. It really is exactly like Vista simply upgraded in many respects.
sorry, but my english is too poor

this is my spec..

- phenom 9500 2.2ghz quad core
pcsx2 only use 2 cores
- nvidia 8500 512 oc (730 / 430)
is little slow than 8600
- 4gb ram 800mhz
after 2gb the ram is not important (is true)

so, for play DBZ budokai tenkaichi 3 or DBZT3

first : is necesary play PAL version, because pal requieres 50fps
than ntsc = 60
second... for this game is more important you cpu power,
not the video

win xp (direct 9 hardware)

gsdx - > full screen 640x480 , no vsync, no desinterlence, no AA
textures "native"
more textures or windowed mode requires more cpu usage
this is direct 9 problem

cpu... all speed hack on and cpu on vuskip on 50,45,2,2
this is a perfecly and exactly config for play DBZbT3 and DBZT3
with my pc...

with this confg i had a min of 58 fps when i play , in the menus 180 sometimes

with overclock i never have a slowdown or freeze when i play
XD.. my overclock is only 100mhz XD

in the new release of beta , gsdx can support directx 11 in win7.
directx11 is too fast because it sending all video work to the video card
not like DX9 (80% video card, i think)

the game can increase the speed a 20fps on DX11, but the problem
in win7 is the resolution of the fullscreen. you need put your desktop
on 640x480 mode before play
The AMD Phenom 9500 is a quad-core which beats the Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2200 by a long shot, so I kno my cpu is the problem I'm having, Ive tried all speed hacks and might just get XP or Windows 7.

Clock speed doesn't compare if you have better technology.

The game I'm talikng about is Dragonball Z Budokai 3 not Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

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