DDL for latest source tarball?

I would like to package PCSX2 for pkgsrc. In theory, if it builds under pkgsrc, it would build on 15 or so OSes across many, many architectures. However, I could not find a direct download link to the latest source tarball. That would be necessary to package PCSX 2. Under pkgsrc, there is a licensing framework built into it, so whoever builds and installs PCSX2 would be agreeing to the GPLv3. I believe that would clear up any issue with automatically downloading via the pkgsrc framework versus manually agreeing to the licensing terms on the website before downloading.

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PCSX2 is not fully GPLv3. It contains lots of licences, technically all must be accepted. => see debian-unstable-upstream/copyright

I'm not sure we have a tarball. So you can use this script to build a tarball debian-unstable-upstream/create_pcsx2_tarball_from_svn_repository.sh

Note: you need to checkout the trunk http://code.google.com/p/pcsx2/source/checkout
latest 1.0 source code can be found here:

Otherwise you can also found it on pcsx2.net
Thanks for the link. However:


is still not a DDL. We're looking for something like:


The issue with the links on pcsx2.net is that they are not DDLs. Checking out the repository isn't going to work either. We have to run checksum checks against a distfile, not an entire directory of files, and doing a consistency check against a repository that has been pulled and then tarballed simply isn't an acceptable solution. Is it possible to have a DDL to your source tarballs/zipfiles/whatever archives you use?

Regarding agreeing to all the licensing terms: All those licenses are provided with pkgsrc and a package can have multiple licenses, so it's not an issue. The only one that's not currently included with pkgsrc is the SGI Free Software License B, and that may be included soon. Until it is, we can provide it as a separate file, which users can then accept before building/adding the package.

I've made significant progress with packaging pcsx2. Just working out some issues with DL_LIBS and the build on x86_64 platform. Will report to you the progress or issues.
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It has been a while since the last response. Still wondering if it would be possible to get a DDL to a latest source tarball. I am keen on continuing work with this package.

Nevermind, i worked it out using a shell script to fetch the distfile. Here's the results of the build under pkgsrc:


Will there be an updated source build tarball any time soon? I see that pcsx2 is several revisions ahead of the distfile posted on that thread you linked.

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Sorry for the delay. I asked Bositman advice for the DDL.

No, I won't post any update of the tarball until the next release. If you want to follow svn version, get the files from svn Wink
Do you have an ETA on the next release? Also, after reviewing the build output, please let me know if you require any further testing on this platform.
Hum next release it probably not soon.

Anyway, are you aware that nothing compile in your build log.
Yes, I am aware of that. If you need any help testing fixes before the next release, i would be available to do so. If you require any further information, i can also provide that.

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