DDR(dance pad) double arrows not working
Stepping on 2 arrows at once doesn't register. Testing the dance pad in the controller configs, i saw that when i´m stepping for example, right, it shows it is pressed, the same happens with the left button, but when I'm pressing right and then I press left (without taking my foot out off the right arrow), it sort of cancels, making it impossible to step the double arrows in game. The axis are the opposite off the other, turning it zero.
i think i have read all of the thread related to this, but none of them fixed my problem. 
The one marked as resolved, i couldnt find the Git 1412: https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Resolved...treme-NTSC

if anyone here has solved, know how to solve this, please help me in this quarantine

PS: I have tried the pad on PS2 and it is working perfectly in game.

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