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I have PCSX2 1.1 (R5406) and R5602. I have the 2 online plugins. I can select them in those versions. and even ater applying them, pcsx2 still works, but i can't configure my ethetnet device.
Also, if I try to press "apply", after I try to configure the plaugin itself (not in the "Plugin/BIOS Selector"), PCSX2 Crashes, even if I Didn't change eneything (like I said Above I Can't, Cause I choose ethernet device).

How Can I Solve those problems? (I use windows 7 64BIT if this is important)
thanks for anyone who will try to help, and sorry for my bad english.

Note: I have seen other (Old) thread about the crashing after pressing "apply" in the dev9 plugin (Only one and it was another version and without helpful answer for me), and also, when I am trying to start a disc or just the BIOS (system explorer or something like that) pcsx2 crahes (after selecting the dev9 online).

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did you install winpcap ?
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RAM : 16 Go
yes, and I even started it (the problem was first after the isntallation, so I ran the program winpcap, but nothing changed)
Please Help
The Dev9 plugins are still in alpha stages, ie very buggy and incomplete. I'm afraid you can't do much about that...
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Fine Thank You. BTW Are The Online Plugins Still in development?
Nope, they haven't been developed in a long time
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Fine Cause There Was a New Plugin in SVN R5602
It was inserted on the SVN repository, refreshed the visual studio project, there was no functional change
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