DEV9 Plugin for playing Online
Hi everybody.

I want to say thank you to all PCSX2 staff for creating this stable and amazing Playstation's 2 emulator! Now i can play back my old games when my ps2 console broke few years ago.
I have a problem with using the DEV9 plugin for playing games online. First of all , ive read the guide and i did all the process, included creating my net config with my access disc but my PCSX2 wont load the plugin saying its invalid library... something like that. There was a thread with a guy with the same problem, so i installe 0.9.7 beta version and tryed the DEV9_LINUZ_RAZI SINCE DEV9_GIGARAZI wont work.

At the end, even linuz razi's dev9 plugin doesnt work, always saying the library is not valid.... What can I do now???Sad

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have you installed Winpcap it's needed even if you have X64 OS Laugh

And upgrade to 0.9.8 , 0.9.7 is too old Excl
Thanks. I got the plugin working but i still cant play online:

Ive chosen : Ethernet network adapter for PS2 [PPOE] Because Telecom Italia ISP uses PPOE connection.. but when he tries to get online, it says : Connecting to ISP... and it fails... With ppoe type, ur only able to enter ISP user and password nothing else and i dont know why its not working...

Bad and good news: I fixed ISP error and i get this nice DNAS Error [-611]
Did you follow this?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Of course i did. I both patched network access disk and the game used to play online.

NEWS : With network access disk it estabilish the connection but it fails the dns ping test.. wich its strange.
in game still error DNAS -611 and sometimes it doesnt even work because the game doesnt recognize the network adapter
have you checked the DNAS error here :
At -611 DNAS error the tooltip says only that is a problem with the connection or the network configuration... it doesnt say anything useful at all.
Huh? It says:

The DNS resolver did not recognize the DNAS server host name. "DNAS Error (-611) A network error has occurred." Please double-check your network connection and/or network configuration.

So are you sure the game server you are trying to connect to still exists?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Hmn i dunno. Maybe the DNS server has problems i dont know. I try right now and i let you know how it goes...
Which game is it?
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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