Hello, Name's Rafe.

i've recently downloaded pcsx2 to play Jacki chan Adventures.
But i've got a problem: A part of the screen is not being displayed and due to this im able to complete a quest.
i found out that there was a display error by comparing YOUTUBE gameplays.

for instance, the drums in the screenshot is not being displayed

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/3...nknown.png[Image: unknown.png]

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Please post the contents of the emulog.txt file after the problem occurs. The file can be found in "My Documents\PCSX2\logs" for the installer version or in "PCSX2\logs" for the portable/binary version.

Please make sure to enclose your emulog in code tags like so (remove the empty space on the closing code tag!):
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Rafe you can try to turn off widescreen patches to see if it fixes it.

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