DIsc swap.
Hello. In Samurai warriors 2: Xtreme legends, PCSX2 0.97, how to correctly swap the disc (I don't know how to ,,Open the tray'' when it asks to)? I am using gigaherz cdvd plugin, but don't wholy know how to work with it. Thanks.

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did you try suspend emulation ESC key,switched disc from your gigahertz plug-in,then select resume(Suspend/Resume).
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Unfortunately, the XL version is an ISO(Can't afford to try to run the disc now) and emulated drive in DT, Ultraiso, for some reason, doesn't run the game, so i use the native support of ISOs. Still, when i run the ISO, suspend the emulation, choose CDVD/Plugin(SW2 is in disc), and then resume, it asks for opening the tray.
I'm not sure to understand what is the problem, let's assume both discs are already in ISO format.

First, avoid using the virtual driver, both for the first and second disc (It will not be an issue when .98 is launched today or tomorrow depending on the time zone). Run the game from the internal ISO reader until it asks for the second disc, "Select" the second disc normally from the "Iso selector" (notice all the while "Iso" and not "Plugin" is the selected button) and afterward click the swap disc, continue playing as nothing happened.

Still just changing the "Iso" button to "Plugin" button WHEN the game asks for the new disc works... Just than in the actual beta the virtual image CAN NOT be mounted while "Iso" is being used, so you must mount it only after the game asks for the second disc and before changing to "Plugin", of course.

As said above, the new PCSX2 stable is expected to be launched May 1, rejoice Smile
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I read nothing new, still no luck.

I too think that you don't understand the problem. Maybe In some games, you just do as you said above, but in SW2:XL you MUST ,,open the disc tray'', it's required, and i'm curious how to do it.
Ignore my stupid post above. Downloaded new 0.98. Swap Disc actually began to work. The disc change from SW2:xl to just SW2 went good. Unfortunately, when i try to swap it back to the XL ISO, the game says that i entered the wrong disc, and i have no choice, but to press reboot. Meh, it makes me sick.
I'm currently struggling with this too. It would just keep telling me that I have the wrong disk. I thought it's because of the names of my ISO files. Would you please explain to me the correct way to swap discs? I really couldn't understand what you were saying >_<
iConvalescence, you should not have any problem swapping disks... just go to "Iso Selector" and and select the asked disk and make sure to click Swap discs when prompted... do nothing else in the GUI (I mean, no restart, no fast boot...), just come back to the game and press the continue button.

PS: If in fullscreen, you might try using ctrl+Alt+Tab instead scape to bring out the GUI, I'm not sure if stopping/pausing the emulation could be an issue but the first method grants the game will be running and will see the new image.
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Nope sorry, doesn't work yet. PCSX2's disc swap support is not complete and quite a few games(including dynasty-samurai warriors series) will not swap discs properly.
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SO... i realize this thread is probably dead, but i just created an account to say that i somehow got the disk swap to work with samurai warriors 2 and samurai warriors 2 XL.

Procedure: when the menu prompt says "data will be imported from the SW2 disk. Proceed?" DO NOT CLICK "proceed."

simply go to the PCSX2 GUI, and select the SW2 disk
CDVD > ISO Selector > [your SW2 disk]

then, before the import function is complete, go back and re-select the SW2:XL disk.

i've tried 3 times, managed to get it to work twice. i have only tried it with SW2 and SW2XL, as i dont own any other warriors games that have this import function.

im curious to know if there is any coded reason as to why SKIPPING the prompt for "please open the disk tray" overrides the "wrong disk inserted" screen. any ideas?

i will post later if i can get this to work over and over, and if there is a more sure-fire way to get it to work, that is less dependent on timing.


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