DLLInjection with PCSX2
Hey there, Not sure if this is the right place for this...

I'm not sure if this is a touchy topic for the PCSX2 developers or users of PCSX2, or if this kind of thing is frowned upon, but I want to create a utility like the 'TES Mod Loader' if anyone knows if it, for PCSX2 (and PCSXR/EPSXE if it works out).

Now, the current way I can see to adding mod support with PS2 games in PCSX2 so far, is either by hex-editing or using a patch utility on the ISO, which is a bit out of some peoples skill range.

The clearest and easiest way I can see to do this, is inject a dll which does the same job as cheat engine, edits memory addresses on the fly. Now, the problem I've faced... PCSX2's memory locations change, so storing hexadecimal values in the DLL won't work.

So, does anybody have an idea if PCSX2 places it's DynRec'ed code in the same locations, I.E a memory register storing the cameras rotation.

(If not, this is only required for supporting more advanced mods, as I can always go with the ISO patching method, which will just hexedit the .ISO's automatically, and save a list of mods you have active on the ISO so they can be removed again. That system would also be implemented for things such as texture mods, or translation, which need to modify large sections of the data, rather than just single points.)

Thank you,

P.S: A little thing on why I'm inspired to undertake something like this: It doesn't exist, and it should. There's a lot of PS2 games I've love to play with a mouse, but LillyPad doesn't provide the features I need to make it feel right, since it's just mimicking the PS2 controller. In order to add proper mouse control, I'd need to edit the values which control the camera.

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.ISO editing mods could be distributed with XDelta patches, I guess.
Other than that, I have nothing to add to this topic.
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XDelta patching doesn't keep track of what mods you've applied to the ISO, it's a pain in the ass to keep multiple ISOs around with '_16x9' at the end etc.

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