[DMC3SE] Question about vertex HPO

As you probably know, there's some misalignment issues with Devil May Cry 3 on PCSX2. Standard texture offset and special texture HPO only solve a part of problem with bloom misalignment, but the blurness doesn't go away.

However, vertex HPO not only fixed the bloom misalignment but also removed any kind of "unintended" blurness. Unfortunately, it causes another problem with left and up screen edges.
I've tried to solve it with zooming GS window, but some actions like going to pause screen return those stripes back.

Does anyone know, what's cause of this problem and possible solution? Or maybe it's actually possible to solve all problems without vertex HPO?

P.S. Sorry for bad english, still learning :^)

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Guess I found partial solution — setting skipdraw range to 1000 and 1000 mostly remove that glitch, but in some areas it still appear, though much less severe than before. Still need some testing (and help, of course)

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