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DNAS says my REAL disc is fake
I have the network config and everything setup, and the right plugins to connect online. When I was using an iso of my game, when I tried to get online it paused for a few secs and then told me my network adapter wasn't connected (1 of my 2 ps2's has this problem all the time, idk why). So, I put the disc in and configure the other plugin to use that. I start the game, connect to the internet fine, and then I get a DNAS error (I think 814, I know it was in the 800s), and when I looked it up it said that DNAS detected my game as being a copy. Why did it detect it as such? And does this mean I have to patch it now and poop? (I'm going to try patching it now anyways to see)

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It could be because you are using the same game disc/iso when you connect the 2 PCSX2's. It's only a wild guess though.
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The disc works fine on the 1st ps2. I have 2 of the discs also (1 mine, 1 my bros, same with ps2). I've done a lot of testing, and it's really just my retarded ps2 that stops it.

The only thing I'm actually concerned about it why it told me my real disc authentic.
This is because PC's cannot read the DNAS information, you have to make the iso then patch it with the tools from the "how to play online" guide, which you can find at the bottom of the FAQ
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I didn't realize that I had to play from an iso to get online, sorry.

I was following the guide and when I click "Verify Version" WinDIP tells me, "ERROR: The Image File is not DN*S enabled or uses an unsupported version!" Is there any possibility of playing this game online?
make sure your image is .iso format ripped with something like nero or MagicISO or something, then try again, its probable WinDIP cannot read it.
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