hi team

great emu and continue to amelioration , great game DOA2 Hardcore USA
but the game are not voices and effects , just music

please resolve this bug , and continue long life to pcsx2

love ;-) team pcsx2 

ps: i'm french pcsx2 lover ;-)

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I'm afraid that is not a big, the sound is missing due to a patch which makes the game start
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How then made to have the voices in the game?
currently you can't. It's either the game works without voices, or the game doesn't work at all
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(08-21-2015, 11:10 AM)totoff28 Wrote: How then made to have the voices in the game?

If you want the voices, You simply play it on your PS2.

Right now, only two solutions : 
 - The game is playable thanks to a patch, but it disables ingame voices.
 - The Game crashes in the beginning.

Make your choice Wink
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What happens if you disable the hack in-game?
if i remember correctly (from the using interpreter + cache method) it will hang as soon as it hits a loading screen, but i dont think you can disable this patch, i think it only needs to be written once to make it stay on
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