DQ8 - all that remains to be fixed is the sluggish sound, any help?
Hello there people!

As you can see, quite the new one here. Before I have asked my question, I've tried fixing alot of stuff myself in getting to run DQ8 Proper. Mostly default core settings. It's running fine, except for the sounds that seems to be running at 85 to 90% speed I should say.

The rest of the game, as you can see - runs pretty darn fine:
(nVidia @ 266.58 WHQL, application deciding settings, no OC's -laptop max setting)


I am going to try to be as complete as possible, so first my specs:

http://speccy.piriform.com/results/6paXo...xRhICxykNG (this is my laptop)

using: PCSX2 Oct. 5th 2010 (public beta, round robin)

Config:emulation settings - all default, except:




These settings seems to work for me and stops the shaking in the screen.
(I am of course open for suggestions)

As for the rest of the plugins, this should suffice:


So, could someone please tell me what I am missing here =] Because, this last bit I can't seem to figure out. Thank you kindly!

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Try setting the "synchronizing mode" in SPU2-X to Async, not sure how well it'll run in that game tho.
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