DQVIII fix for jumping textures
Hey guys me again. If I'm getting on your nerves don't be afraid to let me know!

Anyway I'm playing DQVIII (runs wonderfully) however there's an odd bug that is really bugging me. I will randomly get textures off in the distance doing the jitterbug. I've tried to reproduce screenshots but I haven't been able to catch it perfectly. Basically they just jump around. Some places it's more evident than others.

I've tried all manner of settings (without turning it to software mode please don't make me lose my pretty visuals =(). I've tried various hacks in GSDX to no avail. I've also disabled and re-enabled every enhancement systematically without fixing it.

If there's no fix aside from software mode I'll deal with the problem. Anyway, if anyone has some way I could fix it it would be much appreciated!

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System specs/hardware.
(03-07-2015, 05:23 AM)tsunami2311 Wrote: screenshot
System specs/hardware.

I can't really reproduce it in a screenshot everytime I do it just looks like a slightly off texture what it is though is parts of the texture spazzing out and jumping back and forth.

Specs i5 3470
Radeon 6870
8GB DDR3 Ram

Win 8.1

I'm running it with DX11 backend at 3x IR, 4x AF, FXAA, Edge AA, and 8 bit textures allowed.
I've played through about 4-5 hours of DQ VIII before I stopped, it's an issue with hardware rendering I believe. Use software rendering if it bothers you too much.
You can try fiddling with video backends the HW hacks, if it doesn't work then SW mode is your only option.
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(03-07-2015, 09:05 AM)Bigbenn01 Wrote: I've played through about 4-5 hours of DQ VIII before I stopped, it's an issue with hardware scaling I believe. Use software scaling if it bothers you too much.

Looks fine on my end, i know older nvidia drivers have issue with textures disapearing, and or flashing, but look fine on DX 11 on my end

3x scale GSDX shader

Other then the artifact lines around text (which is scaling issue that happen in alot games nothing can really be done about it) it looks normal correct in HW mode DX 11

347.25 nvidia drivers and current Git build PCSX2 1.3.1-20150303095439

Still be nice if you post screen shot and tell us your specs,
that video was done over 2 years ago too. on really old build too

I have none of the issue the OP is referring too.

There are issue with GSDX rendering in alot games, but not the ones OP is talking about i in this game on my end.

Flickering issue was nvidia driver issue that was sorted out, just like some people have purple/black box on some items and characters that was is DX 9 issue that DX11 fixes. and last i checked the rainbow looking waterfall in the cave and walls was DX 9 that should be fixed by dx 11 path cause that fixed alot graphical issue with this game on my end.

DX9 pathway is was always graphicly glitch in this game so was 10, 11 path way fix most the issue, so yes changing the backend can radical change how things look.

OP still still has yet to even tell use what his specs are and what settings are being used, with out he wont get much more help.
Just to test, I loaded up a new game and proceeded to go ahead to the waterfall cave really quickly. There are areas where the textures will flicker, which is hard to screenshot because of it's flickering nature, but then there are areas where the seams of textures seem misaligned. This happens at native resolution in hardware mode, but not in software mode. Water issues which happen in hardware mode, not software. Also, just as an "fyi" PCSX2 runs in DX 11 mode on my DX 10 graphics card according to MSI Afterburner and RTSS.

Pics for proof.

Texture seam - Hardware native: http://i.picpar.com/NHpb.jpg (The line on the top left, doesn't appear in software mode)

Water Issue - Hardware: http://i.picpar.com/SHpb.jpg Software: http://i.picpar.com/THpb.jpg

Rainbow water - Hardware: http://i.picpar.com/OHpb.jpg Software: http://i.picpar.com/PHpb.jpg

Rainbow waterfall - Hardware: http://i.picpar.com/QHpb.jpg Software: http://i.picpar.com/RHpb.jpg

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