DS3 Controller on PCSX2... with a twist
Now I know what you guys are thinking - "not another DS3 controller configuration thread!" but this one is a little different.

I'm running PCSX2 1.4.0 through Wine on a mac. So far everything is going great, I just can't get my gosh darn DS3 controller to be recognized by PCSX2. Macs natively support the DS3 through Bluetooth so I shouldn't require any additional software like MotionInJoy, etc. Even so, LilyPad doesn't want to recognize my controller.

Picture 1 - Current config, "DX Joystick 0" in the bottom left recognizes controller input when I use "Test Device".

Picture 2 - Keybindings window, unable to change anything from "Xinput Pad 0". Pushing buttons on the DS3 changes nothing in this window, nor can I generally change anything.

Any insight would be appreciated. Apologies in advance to mods if I posted this in the wrong place.


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If you're not using an Xbox 360 controller and don't need XInput, you should probably uncheck the XInput (Xbox 360 controllers only) box then, no?
Nice, now I'm just down DX Keyboard and DX Joystick 0 in "Device Diagnostics". Pad tab is blank now, still unable to edit anything.

=( Well, that's no good. I was just hoping that'd take care of everything. It's a really strange issue you've come across, hopefully some of the veteran helpers can help you with this.

Sorry =/
HA, I fixed it. Literally just went to the bindings tab, clicked on a button on the right, then clicked the corresponding button on my PS3 controller. Binded it no problem. BOOM!

You didn't try to click on the buttons within PCSX2 and then hit the actual button in real life to bind them?!?

Well, good thing you did, because I thought you were doing that from the get-go!

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