DS3 & DS4 wireless coexistence
So, I originaly had a DS3 controller and recently bought a DS4 contoller.
Not planing in buying another DS4 and rather using my old DS3 contoller for local multiplayer I began experimenting on ways to connecting them both (wirelessly of course).
I know that there already is a way to do this using the "XInput Wrapper for DS3 and Play.com USB Dual DS2 Controller" by Scarlet.Crush, wich basicaly gives you the oportunity to connect both DS3 & DS4 via the same Bluetooth dongle. While I think it's ideal it lacks some of the functionality on the DS4 side (trackpad, macros) wich other apps have ,such as jhebbel or J2K's DS4Windows .
So what you need:
- 2 bluetooth dongles (1 for DS4 & 1 for DS3) 2.0 EDR minimum
- all of the needed software required by Scarlet.Crush's suite & jhebbel DS4windows (.NET 3.5 ,.NET 4.0,C++ Common runtime libraries,Virtual Bus Drivers ,X360 controller drivers etc. etc.)

Steps to follow:
1. insert ONLY ONE dongle wich you plan to use exclusevly for DS3 ( up to 4) & connect DS3 via usb. WARNING: this dongle will become useless for other purposes(it's driver will be rewritten by Scarlet.Crush's SCP driver and will only work with DS3 dongles).
2. install DS3 using this tutorial. links included in the video. Caution : not all bluetooth dongles pair with DS3 using this. I have 4 dongles...only 3 of them work. if it doesn't work for you & you made sure you installed everything corectly it must be the dongle (probabily it's a chinese knock-off like the one I had and it didn't work). if everything is good and DS3 is paired, you can proceed to DS4:
3. Insert the other Bluetooth dongle (Asus BT-400 highly recomended) and DO NOT INSTALL the drivers that came with it . Just install Generic bluetooth drivers.
4. Use Xaero's guide to pair the DS4 to the dongle if I don't know how to do so or have any problems.
5.Use DS4 wrapper of your choice... already mentioned two of them above.

Major downside: DS3 controller will always priority over DS4 , getting PAD 1 , rendering DS4 controller to drop being PAD2. You might have trouble if you want to play a game that doesn't allow you do use PAD2 instead of PAD1...
One thing you have to fix is SCP's inability to drop to PAD2 when another controller using other wrapper is connected. A "dirty" fix is available via regedit :
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scarlet.Crush Productions\D3Mapper
Search for "PAD" key and modify it from "1" to "2"
this way when DS4 will be connected via another wrapper it will always be PAD1 and DS3 using SCP will drop to PAD2.

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