DS3 Pressure Sensitive buttons (Metal Gear Solid 3)
Hi all

First of I wasnt sure whether to post in the Plugins section or the Support section, but seeing as this has to do sort of with neither, and the General Discussion has more views and topics (Thus being the most active=Quicker response from veteran PCSX2 users), I created the topic here in the General section, should it however not come to the liking of any Admin, well, what I just wrote is the story I`m sticking to for sake of simplicity, so I can only offer my humble apologies and the reason I made the post here was because I want to fix this problem asap really.. So thats that Smile

Right, the problem I am having is getting the pressure sensitive buttons (Aside from the sticks and L2/R2 buttons) like Cross, Circle, Square and Triangle to work, in conjunction with Metal Gear Solid 3. (Allthough getting the sensitive D-Pad`s working would also be a cool bonus)

I have some experience using MotionInJoy (Currently rolling with latest version), but from what I could find out with google searches, pressure sensitive buttons of the abovely mentioned kind is a bit harder than that to get set up as it has to do with XID and what not.

I`ve been doing full forum search as well as google search to find a definite guide on getting Pressure Sensitive buttons working but theres nothing even closely resembling that, the one good tip I found (Which was on this forum) said to use UsbLib and MotionInJoy but alàs that seems to have only made it worse than when I was just using MotionInJoy, specifically because no one has come up with a definite guide on how to get this working (Should you fuse standard W7 drivers for DS3 with UsbLib? Or fuse MotionInJoy drivers for DS3 with UsbLib?)

Any kind and wise souls out there who can point me in the right direction?

For the record I use latest PCSX2, LilyPad and Giga`s sound plugin.


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Main plugin page: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-LilyPad-0...ualshock+3
I have LilyPad so thats covered Smile

The problem is that Native Mode is greyed out in my lilypad config.

Without MotionInJoy I couldnt get sticks and L2/R2 buttons to work, so it probably has to do with the fact that LilyPad needs Native Mode enabled for the DS3`s L2/R2 buttons and sticks to work then?

Now I cant seem to get MotionInJoy uninstalled (Every time I plug DS3 back in, it loads MotionInJoy drivers despite the fact that I have uninstalled the program) But I did manage to uninstall LibUsb (By deleting the LibUsb driver files manually, which were in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\libusb0.sys, C:\Windows\System32\libusb0.dll, C:\Windows\syswow64\libusb0.dll).

Tiring work this Laugh
Weird, I uninstall MotionJoy and restart the computer and unplug the DS3, but when I plug in the DS3, Windows installs the MotionJoy drivers?

When I uninstall the MotionJoy drivers in Device Manager, and restart the computer, Windows installs the MotionJoy drivers again..

If I uninstall MotionJoy and the drivers, the drivers shouldnt exist on my computer any more.
So why is MotionJoy drivers thats supposed not to exist (They wont pop up doing any sort of regedit or explorer type search) being installed every time I plug in the controller?

Edit: Ok, managed to remove MotionJoy drivers by going into Device Manager, then Views, and click Show hidden drivers, there was a hidden MotionJoy Mouse driver there that was messing it all up!

Now for removing another LibUsb PlayStation3 DS3 driver (which was next in line as for DS3 driver priority)

Hopefully LilyPad will show Native Mode despite LibUsb not being installed Smile
http://www.motioninjoy.com/help/how-unin...joy?page=2 <---have u try this?
(09-09-2011, 03:42 AM)ecchiless Wrote: http://www.motioninjoy.com/help/how-unin...joy?page=2 <---have u try this?

As I mentioned I managed to uninstall the motionjoy drivers, it was in no thanks to their own uninstall guide though Tongue

Now I have another problem.

I uninstalled the libusb driver entries completely from my system.
But when I plug my DS3 back in, and Windows recognizes the PlayStation3 controller, but it says driver installation failed Wacko

I`ve just tried a restart, but windows still fails at installing the DS3 drivers like it used to do before.. windows recognizes that it is a DS3, but alàs the automatic driver installation fails..

The only solution I can think of is if a kind soul out there has the original W7 64Bit DS3 drivers for upload?

Edit 2: Omg.. Even my Splitfish FragFX 2 has been attacked by the motionjoy invasion..
Allright, now I`ve managed to make Windows 7 try to install the original DS3 drivers, problem is that it cannot find the files it needs to install those drivers.
A friend sent me the original Drivers, but when I try to install those drivers, Windows 7 claims that the drivers currently installed drivers (Which as it earlier said, did not exist) are newer.
Can anyone shed some light on this? Smile
This is weird, when I installed LibUsb Filter on the MotionInJoy before, LilyPad let me hit Native Mode for the controller (Pressure sensitivity did not work though), now I try the same thing and Native Mode support for the controller is greyed out i.e not clickable.. I`m starting to think that this has something to do with PCSX2 being buggy rather than my PC and mere driver trouble Wacko
I filtered the MotionInJoy drivers with LibUsb, and now I can enable Native Support, but because of UsbLib, DS3 is not working. And if I delete MotionInJoy and LibUsb drivers, Windows does not install the original drivers even if I try manually directing the driver install to the folder which I have saved the original drivers which I got from a friend.. Windows 7 claims the MotionInJoy drivers to be newer (All though they are completely deleted from my computer)

If I understood correctly, all I need for the DS3 to fully work in PCSX2 and to get Native Mode enabled, is to use the original Windows 7 drivers for the DS3.. So this is a problem..

Any thoughts? Smile
Is your Windows 7 32 or 64-bit?

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