DS3 Rumble With Motionjoy
If your having trouble getting vibration to work on your DS3 with motionjoy and PCSX2 try this. In DS3 tool select Xbox 360 controller emulator. Then select game controller panel in DS3 tool. click properties. Then click the settings tab and click calibrate. When it says to move the d-pad to all four corners just circle the left analog stick around a few times then release it. For Z-axis press the R2 and L2 buttons one by one a couple of times. For X rotation move the right analog stick left to right a few times. Then up and down for the Y rotation. Click finish. After that load up PCSX2. Im using version 0.9.7. Download my attachment. Then Click On Config>Plugin/Bios Selector>Plugins> Next to Pad Select Lillypad if its not already selected>configure>Load Bindings. Load my pad config click apply and you should be good to go. I've tested and it works with no problems. This works with the latest DS3 tool on Windows 7 X64. I'm not sure if this works with bluetooth, But try it out and let me know.

.rar   LilyPad DS3 Rumble config.rar (Size: 1,15 KB / Downloads: 769)

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I can confirm this works but haven't seen it work in game. All I got are rpgs and don't know if they use the rumble feature.
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