DS3 disconnecting after minute (bluetooth)

i connected my DS3 via bluetooth & it works perfect in all my games. But there is an one quite big problem. Pad automaticly disconnect around minute after i connect it. It disconnect when BTH value in SCP Monitor reach around "000007XX"


and when that value is reached "BTH 00000XXX", it change into "Reserved"


and my controller suddenly disconnect.

I use bluetooth adapter built in my WiFi adapter - Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 & my OS is Windows 8.1. On the wire DS3 works without any problem. Does anyone have idea how to fix it?

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Right click on the SCP Monitor icon located in notification area (bottom right of desktop with the icons) and click on Configuration and check the Idle Timeout bar, it may be set to 1 minute or something.
I set it on "Disabled" but it didn't help.
Try setting a time-limit? 20 minutes or something.

Do you have any issues using a cable for the time being?
I tried to set a time-limit to 20 & 25 minutes, but it didn't helped. It still disconnecting during play. On wire controller works without any problem. Today i played 3 hours on cable & it didn't disconnect any time.
some power saving feature of windows? Original Sony DS3?
All power saving feature are off. DS3 is original, it was together with playstation.
Tried reinstalling?
Yes, BT drivers & all SCP, even 2 times Laugh
Is the disconnection exactly after 60 seconds? Does it vary?

You say that the BT is in-built into the wlan. Could that be the problem? Can you change the time by disabling wlan connection or wlan adapter? What about wlan power saving features?

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