DS3 wont pair to SCPdrivers
Hey guys, I have a Bootcamp running here and I decided to use the SCP drivers and replace its bluetooth with this so I can have controller support (ill have a dongle for anything else). I followed instructions many times and I'm pretty stumped on why my controller wont pair itself when disconnected from its cable. It is perfectly fine plugged in though. Whenever I unhook my controller, the SCP Monitor says it's "reserved". I also tried step 7 of this link: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-u.../?ALLSTEPS
It states about how you make the SCPservice startup with your computer. though if I try to run SCPservice.exe it just says it needs a command line or to use NET START. I provided my driver log just in case

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If anyone is wondering how I fixed this problem it is because this white PS3 controller was identified as a PS/R Gamepad, not the usual PLAYSTATION 3 controller in the hardware & devices in control panel. I am unsurehow to make the white controller work but will use a black Ps3 controller that works instead.

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