DS4 Dinput with rumble or DS4tool with another emulation (DS3)
Hello, is it possible to emulate a ds3 controller from the ds4 controller?
The main problem is that ds4tool emulates the controller as an xbox controller, except that with this method, sears R2 L2 are found on the same axis. Can not play with this configuration ...

What is needed is a utility like "ds3tool" that allows the choice of controller to emulate xbox 360, DS3 or otherwise.

Is there something planned about it or would it complicated to add to ds4tool?

thank you

ps : sorry for my bad english

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There are a couple different DS4 tool branches out now, and you would likely be better off asking your question in their respective threads:



P.S. - The functionality you are looking for is "directinput" instead of "xinput" for your controller, as xinput is just x360 controller emulation pretty much with the l2/r2 set to an analog axis instead of as standard buttons. I also think this is an essential feature, especially if you are using it with older games/emulators.

EDIT: It looks like one of them ( http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-DS4Windows-J2K ) at least has directinput support, heres a quote from the author: "you can disable the x360 mode in profile settings by checking "Dinput only" and turning off Hide DS4"

If this functions the way it should, then the analog L2/R2 will no longer be mapped as axis and instead be separate buttons instead. I left a question for the author of this to confirm that it does work this way, as it's the only thing keeping me from getting a PS4 controller for PC use currently.
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Thank you

But when this option is enabled (Dinput), ds4tool is useless.
DS4 is in DirectInput but I don't have rumble.
Ds4tool interprets the just touchpad... (

Alternatively or information ?

In one case (so software without DirectInput) I have a separate line for each trigger, but no rumble.
In another (with software use Xinput) I have an identical axis for sears but rumble.

The ideal would be to have the software that interprets the DS4 as DS4Tool but that emulates another DirectInput controller (with ADD support rumble and touchpad without using XInput. As DS3tool and DS3)

up please
I was wondering the same thing, if I could use the DS4 in it's "native" DInput mode with only the feature to toggle L2/R2 as 2 Axis or 2 Buttons plus Rumble support.
Basically, the DS4 in Windows 7 without any custom Driver, like out of the box, it's recognized "fully" (less the TouchPad, but that doesn't really matter much for me)
The L2/R2 Triggers are recognized as both Axis and Buttons at the same time (double input for both of them) L2 = B7 / X Rot. and R2 = B8 / Y Rot.
So the only thing I'd like, would be to toggle L2/R2 between Buttons or Axis (disabling either one or the other) and Rumble support.
There are already few PC games "recognizing" the DS4 Controller (some of them even with DS4 Button Icons or even with LightBar support) so I wouldn't want different mappings for Axis/Buttons. Not by default anyways.
A customizable Button/Axis Driver would be great for other games (the majority of them for the time being) but simply adding rumble and a toggle for L2/R2 as Axis/Buttons would still be a great addition to compatibility and usability of the Controller "as is".

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