DS4 Windows 10 Bluetooth Woes!!! Might give up and go with Steam Controller!
Hey all! 

Sorry if the title seemed angry - More frustrated than anything.

Firstly I have used ds4tool, ds4Windows and others to try get this working! 

So i updated to windows 10 - Mistake i know, Didnt know about the 3 week uninstall period. So i cant roll back now Sad

I installed ds4tool and ds4windows. Paired up my DS4 via dongle - Played with ds4tool for months via Bluetooth. Worked fine
Only issue is if i plugged the controller in to charge whilst it was BT connected or Otherwise [straight usb] it would be detected as both a Xbox 360 controller and a Wireless Controller. So whenever i play a game. Lets say fallout 4 -- "B" is pipboy. On wireless controller its Jump [ Cant be remapped btw ive tried xpadder. ] So when i press B [Or Circle] It will jump my char and bring up Pipboy at the same time. If i press "right" on the D pad - 360 map is the 3rd action wheel setting. Wireless controller mapping is Pause. So pressing right on the D pad to select my weapon ALSO pauses the game. SO in otherwords its unplayable.

as long as im Only connected via BT it works a charm

NEW ISSUE! turned on ds4windows today. Turned on my controller. Didnt connect?, Just flashing like its searching. Even though my BT dongle is on and Ds4Windows running.

Naturally i open devices and printers because windows 10 default devices simplified bullsh** screen is useless - Devices are " Wireless controller " No 360 pad as its not BT connected obviously.

Why wont it connect? I dont know. Was working last night! Havent changed anything. Have restarted PC 3 times..

So i decide. Bugger it! Unpair the controller and repair. Funny.

Cant unpair. I go to windows 10's useless device page. Click bluetooth. Click "Wireless Controller - Paired" and clicked unpair.

It says "Removing Device" ....... "Removing Device"... After about 25Sec "Remove Failed"

No error nothing.

So I go into devices and printers. - Right click "Wireless controller" Click uninstall. Nothing happens. - Go into device manager. Under bluetooth. Right click Wireless Controller. Properties. Change settings. Driver. Uninstall. Tab closes. Doesnt uninstall..

If i disable - Then uninstall my Bluetooth dongle. It will remove the "Wireless Controller Pairing setting" until i reconnect the dongle even in a different USB port and reinstall the BT dongle drivers as per usual STRAIGHT AWAY it automatically keeps the pairing between the controller. So still no luck.

I delve into the registry. Uninstall the BT Dongle. Delete its registry entries and everything related to it.

Restart PC. Reinsert BT Dongle. It installs.

Go to Bluetooth page. STILL PAIRED WITH THE WIRELESSCONTROLLER with NO WAY of unpairing or removing it..

Ive tried external apps to pair the controller. But aslong as the Wireless Controller Pairing is there it wont even find the controller when its in Search mode. [Share + PS] Ive tried every USB port - Uninstalled reinstalled ds4 scp drivers and the like. Tried Win360ce drivers to no avail as obviously without the controller BT connected it doesnt exist. 

But how am i to pair the controller to connect it - When its "Already" paired. And cant connect? cant remove the pairing. Even in safemode. Even with 3rd party apps. The previous pairing with the controller CANNOT be removed. Even after the dongle is completely removed registry and all...........

Im at such a loss for words i ordered a Steam Controller an hour ago and eagerly await its arrival!

Thing is! Ill never get over how comfortable the DS4 is. Its perfect. I really really want to continue PC gaming with this controller. But Because of the windows 10 rollback issue i cant downgrade without formatting my harddrive which i cant afford to backup........... Ahhhh Nor can i be bothered indivudually installing over 100 applications and games again all over a driver and controller not pairing...........

I hope and pray some individual on this forum can find my answer!

All help is much much muchly appreciated! Smile

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Didn't read your whole post. Don't need to write your life story when submitting a support request.

Wireless controller is what Windows detects when it sees your DS4. DS4W *adds* the 360 controller to make *2* controllers appear connected at the same time. To get around this, use the DS4W *exclusive mode*.

If you are not seeing the 360 controller in Devices, SCPservice is not running. Go to Services and turn it on.
I have SCD DS3 Service running, but when I try to turn on bluetooth, windows tell me that he can't "impossibile activate bluetooth, retry" Sad

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