DS4 controller VS Logitech F710
DS4 controller VS Logitech F710, what the best ?
I have a lot of controller to play PC games.
Logitech F710, F510 Logitech, Xbox 360 Wirelles.

Xbox 360 wireless, it's good, very responsive when used to play games on the PC.
but one thing that makes me not use it.
when i play footbal games, such as FIFA 15, my hands do not match using the right stick (analaog) whose position is reversed. I am so fed up with this, it is difficult to use.
and now I use a Logitech F710 wireles. design is quite nice.
but somehow, it seems F710 has a large latency.

I now see DS4 controller is pretty good, if in this forum there are already comparing it with the logitech F710?

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I started having tons of desync/signal loss with my F710 so I stopped using it. Nice controller, but too bulky and clearly has RF issues.
The ds4 is a nice controller. A lot of us that own them will never want a different controller
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