DS4 tool blue tooth connectivity issues
So I am having issues with connecting and pairing my ps4 controller via blue tooth to the ds4 tool,I do not know what I am doing wrong and it is just now irritating me. I have ASUS usb-bt400, does anyone know how to fix this?

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Connectivity issues and pairing? So have you gotten it connected via BT and you're having issues keeping it paired or is it basically refusing to connect in the first place?
I tried following this tutorial when pairing my controller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6CK-SWF-60

as I was doing so,my controller would disconnect during the pairing process but I found out a way around that and I thought everything was fine, it said on the ds4 tool 1.2.2 that the controller was connected but when I tried playing a game it would do nothing. Also on the tutorial his had a pairing code he had to enter as where mine did not, and on the tutorial he said to go to controller settings and mess with the controller, my controller did not even pop up in the game controller settings...it was just a blank box. And now I can't even use it wired right now....

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