DS4Windows Issues
I have a PS4 Controller and obviously for most games I need to use DS4Windows to allow me to play these games with the controller, I was on the website for DS4Windows and this is where it linked me so im not sure if this is where I am supposed to be or if someone could link me to that specific forum or wherever it might be, but I will get to listing the issues I have with this Application
Before I start posting I am using the lastest version of this app
1. So I can play games like Rocket League, GTA V without the use of this app, but when I do need to use this app for lets say Forza Horizon 4, Where I need to use DS4 windows, once I activate DS4Windows to play Forza, if I wanted to go back to GTA V or Rocket League, the Controller will not work after I used it on the game that required it, the controller will now become 100% useless for a long period of time, I havent found the ability to fix this issue but oddly enough it does eventually work over time if I dont use the DS4 App.
2. If DS4Windows doesnt detect the controller once its plugged into a USB slot, that USB slot becomes useless, it will not detect the controller, so I have to swap between 5 other USB slots till I find which one it works in, and if it doesnt work with any of them, then I need to restart the PC and hopefully round 2 will work, I know for a fact its not my PC cause I've had this happen to me on 3 Other PC's
3. Every time I activate DS4Windows and it runs flawlessly (Rarely) It will swap my Speaker and Microphone to the Controller, I then have to manually go switch them back

I have a few more issues that arent super major like these last few so I wont bother going through the time to talk about them, its really frustrating and I dont know how you can make an application that doesnt work 100% of the time in any single USB slot, and how it also wont detect the controller 100% of the time but sometimes it will? If anyone knows how to fix any of these with 100% success rates please let me know cause I cant play games with these issues

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