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DS4Windows - J2K
1)Is it possible to create a multi button action in DS4Windows? I want to get a specific action if I press L2 and R2 at the same time.

2)Is it possible to create an action If I hold one button instead of press on it fast. Of an exampel; if I press square fast it reload a weapon and if I press square and hold it it change weapon?

3) Is there any guide on how to adjust the sixaxis? When I use the axis it I have to do move the sticks alot before something happens in a game.

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Hello, me controller don't work very good.
I have a PS4 controller, he using de down Button all the time.
How a can fix that?
Sorry for me English, i'm brazilian and i'm training kkkkkkk.
Oh, the game i used is FIFA19.
I have not tried other games.
I'm having an issue with this on one of my PCs but not the other. Both are running the same version of Windows 10.

Essentially, the controller is detected perfectly fine. However, Windows is also detecting the controller itself and the two are conflicting.

[Image: pVG82SU.png]

The issue is that if I disable the "Wireless Controller" in device manager or uninstall the drivers for it, the emulated 360 version will become inoperable as well. But if I try just using it as-is, the controllers will BOTH be acting simultaneously causing obvious issues since I cannot rebind the keys to this "Wireless Controller".

Anyone have any thoughts?

It seems clicking the option "Hide DS4 Controller", for whatever reason, disables that "Wireless Controller" even though it makes no sense. Hopefully it helps someone else at least.
Hi, could you tell me if there is a way to map the mouse directly to a joystick as apposed with on four cardinal directions?


p.s not sure if this is the right thread.
My controller's latency spikes up over 100ms frequently and sometimes disconnects. It's done this with two different bluetooth adapters that I've tried. I've also made sure my power settings are on high performance and that usb selective suspend is disabled. I've also gone into device manager and unchecked the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option for every one possible that's associated with usb.

Any ideas?
Hello can anyone help me connect my DS4 to the pcsx2 I dont know how to do it I have DS4Windows installed and it recognizes my controller via bluetooth but when mapping control on configurating PAD no buttons work please can someone guide me.
Hey, does anyone else get random disconnects where the controller freezes and keeps sending the original signal and won't respond until it turns off?

For example if the control is vibrating when this happens it will continue to vibrate, or if I am pushing the sticks in one direction the input will continue to be held and the controller can not be switched off for a time. Also when I reconnect if I stay in-game without alt-tabbing away the control will connect to my laptop but remains natural and won't connect with DS4Windows.

No one seems to be getting any help on here, I wonder if there is a Discord.
What a wonderful program...!i was looking for a discord channel link if available
I'm having an issue with DS4Windows crashing and freezing my computer as i open it right away with the newest version. If i try any older versions i get "Ds4Windows has stopped working" right away when opening it. No clue how to fix it. Using Windows 7.
Is there a bug reporting email or something. My control intermittently bugs out and retains the last command inputted for some reason.

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