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DS4Windows - J2K
1)Is it possible to create a multi button action in DS4Windows? I want to get a specific action if I press L2 and R2 at the same time.

2)Is it possible to create an action If I hold one button instead of press on it fast. Of an exampel; if I press square fast it reload a weapon and if I press square and hold it it change weapon?

3) Is there any guide on how to adjust the sixaxis? When I use the axis it I have to do move the sticks alot before something happens in a game.

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Hello, me controller don't work very good.
I have a PS4 controller, he using de down Button all the time.
How a can fix that?
Sorry for me English, i'm brazilian and i'm training kkkkkkk.
Oh, the game i used is FIFA19.
I have not tried other games.

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