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DS4Windows - J2K
Hello! I've got an issue with DS4Windows, could you please take a look?

1. So, I connect my Dualshock 4 with DS4Windows to my Windows 7 PC via bluetooth. Everything works just fine, I can switch on/off my gamepad many times, it connects fast and easy;
2. Then I connect this gamepad to my PS4 via USB-cable. It works fine as well.
3. Then I'm trying to re-connect Dualshock to my PC and here's the problem: PC does not see the device. Lightbar is blinking, Dualshock is in "searching mode" but it's not connecting to PC at all.

The only way to connect the gamepad to PC again is to completely remove existing pairing and re-connect gamepad "from scratches": delete "wireless device" from Windows, start new bluetooth-search, enter a pairing code (0000) and so on.
And it works pretty fine, connects and disconnects fast and easy - until I connect this gamepad to PS4. Then DS4Windows loses this connection and cannot work with it.

I've tried to reboot Dualshock (reset button), switch it off (PS+Options), reboot my PC and PS4 - it all has no effect.
The only way is to delete existing pairing and start from the beginning?

Is there any fast and easy way to restore existing pairing with gamepad and DS4Windows after connecting it to PS4?
Maybe there's some kind of cunning keyboard shortcuts or smth?
Or should I realy delete and re-pair my Dualshock and PC every time I played at PS4?

Thank you very much!
(Excuse my terrible english, I'm not a native speaker.)

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