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DS4Windows - J2K
Thanks so much for all the work already in DS4windows, I use it on a daily basis, very excellent program!

Lately I have been playing around with gyro controls on Steam and Halo MCC and was wondering if DS4windows could expand the options for the Gyro controls to emulate analog input (like it already does) but also have options to adjust acceleration and deadzone and anti-deadzone features like Steam has?

It would definitely be really cool to be able to add gyro aiming to all xinput games through ds4windows in this way.

Just some thoughts I would share, love the program and think it could be even better with a robust gyro settings!

Edit - well that solves that!
Check out my snazzy Youtube channel, with many great PCSX2 emulation videos! Laugh Laugh

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Is there a way to disable mouse movement with the controller? I was using my PS4 controller with a gamecube emulator and every other button I press or anytime I move the analog stick I end up clicking out of the window constantly.
Hello! Today i bought Asus BT400 dongle, and DS4Windows can found my DualShock4 only once - then i 1st time add a new Bluetooth device (in bluetooth settings of Windows 10 - build 1909).
If i power off the controller, at least once, it will not visible in DS4Windows (just turn on the controller - will not help, its still not visible in ds4windows)).
Help me, please! I`m very sad, cause i love DS4Windows functions.
It's too hard to delete every time my controller in bluetooth settings and re-add when i want to play. Help. Please...

P.S. I found a solution!!! Need to update dongle driver from official Asus site. "ASUS USB-BT400 Driver"
P.P.S. it will be great, if will be an option to manual choose (or find) the controller somehow. Sry for bad English.
Hello .,., thank you for this program 
I want to tell you that Bluetooth doesnt work .. I dont know what happens ,, I made all process and it was work in past .. now cannot to use with Bluetooth
How can i change the language?
I donwload my language, i put the foldere where it is "Ds4Windows Folder" and after this?
hey so i install ds4 to play with my nacon pro controller 1 on forza horizon 4 but unfortunately my controller doesn't appear in ds4 but he appear in windows control panel
I don't see any options for dimming the lightbar from 100%. Does this option exist or am I just missing it entirely?
Most users nowadays will run PCSX2 through steam. You can dim the lightbar that way.
Hi, I love your program is there a way to get turbo mode or infinite repeat on a button like R2 ? using macros maybe, I really don't know how, or if I need a different program to do this, can someone point me in the right direction ? thnx !! Biggrin

(01-22-2020, 11:21 AM)evocatas Wrote: I don't see any options for dimming the lightbar from 100%.  Does this option exist or am I just missing it entirely?
I use select lightbar color and use color black, it turns it off completely, about dimming the lightbar,I don't know.
Since using DS4Windows, I can't get Steam to recognize my DS4 controller. I'm wondering if I'm bugged or maybe I'm missing something. Is there some kind of decoupling process or some way I can reset any settings DS4W might have messed with? I've been wrestling with this for months and am getting really tired of having to create a DS4W profile for every Steam game I buy. I've tried the following, resetting computer after each:

* Toggling "hide controller" setting
* Resetting computer and never opening DS4W
* Going into Device Manager, uninstalling & reinstalling controller
* Uninstalling & Reinstalling Steam

Anybody familiar with what might be going on, or have any ideas to try?

Just figured out that, with DS4W running, 'Hide DS4 Controller' checked (which seems backwards but ok), and 'Xbox 360' chosen as type of output virtual controller, Steam WILL recognize the controller as a 360 controller. If I change the virtual controller to DualShock 4 the controller disappears and Steam shows no controllers connected. Also, clicking the stop button makes the controller disappear from Steam as well. No idea what this means, just adding for the sake of completeness. Steam is still capable of connecting to a controller, but only if it's virtually projected from DS4W??

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