DS4Windows issues

I have an alienware wich i purchased about 7 months ago and i use that program (DS4Windows) to connect my ps4 controller and play games in steam so i recently downloaded pcsx2 to play some ps2 games i like and as soon as i installed the games and tried them i was able to use the controller without any trouble, the problem is… my pc got a virus and it was giving me some issues so i had to format it, actually i restored it to factory settings and installed everything again and now i cannot use the ps4 controller with the pcsx2, i installed the drivers the program downloaded, i erased it and installed it again but nothing works, do you have any idea why or what can i do to make it work?. The controller works fine in steam

Thanks in advance, hope you can help me

Regards, David

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since it's not related to pcsx2, moved to off topic
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